About Us

Media Buying Services

Numeric Technologies is a leading provider of online advertising services. We excel in developing and applying strategies for exploiting the price differences between CPA, CPC and CPL markets.

Advertisers who are looking to run performance-based advertising campaigns can rely on Numeric to deliver results on time, within budget and at scale.

We work with advertisers spanning various geographies and industries, and can meet the most stringent demands.

Through a creative combination of content, technology and analytics, Numeric adds value to traffic sourced from the world’s largest add networks – ultimately delivering better results to our partners.

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Software Development Services

Numeric’s software development efforts are focused primarily on the development of technologies that enable us to exploit inefficiencies in the advertising markets – for the benefit of our clients and our partners.

On a case-by-case basis, we are willing to taken on product development projects for external partners. Key features of our software development offerings include:

  • Product design and branding
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Development and testing
  • Content creation, including multi-media

From ideation all the way through to a finished product, Numeric Technologies is a company you can count on for your most audacious software development projects.

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